The Aloha Spirit FoundationSharing the Gift of Healing

Our network is a collaborative of professional peers who love to share their gifts with the community via mentorship, volunteer in public space clean-ups, feed the hungry, and teach helpful skills via workshops.  The mission of The Aloha Spirit Foundation is to connect our neighbors and ohana via mindful events and activities, ensuring the spirit of aloha is healthy and alive. Sustainability is a priority, as is harmony with oneself, everyone we share this island with and the environment we are blessed to enjoy.  

Children Playing
Our non-profit is ready to support other local missions such as feeding the homeless in Chinatown, cleaning Magic Island, Kaimana Beach, repainting public spaces and collecting donations for charities with urgent priorities. Contact us today.

Charmane Valerio - President

The Mission StatementWe put children first.

What words or thoughts come into mind when I think of the aloha spirit is “sharing one’s achievements or gifts and talents”. The aloha spirit is shared as a type of vitality from our ancestors, giving us information. Having an experience to also offer to others, in which we hope that tourists or aliens to our islands have a relationship with others peacefully, in unity and in true joy that we are created for a purpose bigger than what we know. An enlightening by the spirit of the breath of life, the “ha”.


The DetailsSee exactly how we accomplish our goals.

  • Step 1: Careful Planning

    Before we spend money, we engage with the local community to ensure that we are bringing necessary services.

  • Step 2: Team Assembly

    Our team members come from every walk of life- mothers, scientists, business professional. When we don’t have the expertise we find it and bring it to each of our projects to ensure our results are not wishful thinking, but backed by evidence based guidance.

  • Step 3: Follow Through

    By continuing our engagement with each community, we can stay adaptive and functional.

The TeamMeet our amazing staff.



We use Google’s Non Profit donation tools to ensure that 100% of your donations are available, no skimming by the processing company


Our staff is committed to ensuring the maximum amount of funds is used to help people, not our payroll.


We can do this!

The GoalGlobal Relief. Local revival.

Enrich educational outcomes by bridging, uniting and unifying.