Sharing Aloha makes a world of a Difference

> Sharing Aloha makes a world of a Difference

You Should KnowGiving doesn’t have to be a difficult thing.

  • Mind

    Use the ideas and thoughts you have to power change- donate your development expertise or funds to hire experts

  • Body

    Physically be there for those in most need.

  • Soul

    Join and help build a community group near you


Impact a child’s life by becoming a HANAI sponsor today.

Yes, I want to HANAI!

Two, Three
Getting involved is as easy.

Can you help?

If you have the means, we have a way to turn that to direct help


Work, donate, provide what you can, hand in hand with our team members at any level.

Virtuous Cycle

One person, one project at a time, we are all making the world aware of The Aloha Spirit

Whatever Works for YouWe accept both PayPal and Credit Card.

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