SEVA Healing Oasis

Please join us for Seva Healing Oasis this November 29th and 30th! The Aloha Spirit Foundation is hosting a healing arts festival at Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden. Soak in the lush scenery, dance to vibrant music, jam out with acoustic musicians, join in on arts & crafts, learn about reiki, learn about and enjoy healing arts. For tickets and more information please stay tuned for contact information.

ASF, the Aloha Spirit Foundation is giving back & giving thanks to all of our hardworking volunteers, participants & contributors from the past, present & future!

For this reason were creating ‘SEVA’:

An event to unwind, unplug, and re-connect, on a deep level, to our individual & collective centers, while celebrating the positive impact we have on our planet, our communities and on our personal development.
Together we’ll create and unfold an abundant reality of peace, unity and tranquility through yoga, reiki, meditation, acoustic sound and a variety of other healing modalities.

‘SEVA’ is a Sanskrit word meaning; ‘selfless service’ & it is embodied by the root words saha, meaning “with that,” and eva, meaning “too,” which together mean “together with.”
It is at the heart of the path of karma yoga, Sikhism and is considered to be the most important focus of any spiritual practice. asking us as a whole to serve others with no expectation of the outcome.